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OpenCV Motion Tracking in Broadcast

Hello, I am part of a development team on a new project for our television studio. We are actively trying to create a LVI (live video insertion) technology system. We are trying to put the yellow first down line for american football. This technology is advanced, and is currently done in the following way:

We want to simplify this process greatly. We are looking to motion track points on the field, thing like the yardage markers, numbers, and other things that stand out.

We are thinking of doing it in the following way:

  1. Video is taken into the computer from a Decklink card (this is simply a card that can take input and output from an SDI video feed)
  2. The image is motion tracked
  3. A 3D model of the field is layered on top of the video source and kept in place by the tracker
  4. The graphics can be played inside this layer out of the decklink card into the main switcher for use on air.

Can OpenCV do everything I am looking for here? If so how could I use a 3D system to layer the graphics with OpenCV?

Please keep in mind this is a live show, and must be done in real time (60fps)

Thank you,