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Average meansurements of CEDD + FCTH + SURF + Tamura + Haralick results

How can I measure an average of all metrics together?

For exemple: Assume that we have the following values:

To each image, we have values to features extrated, and the below numbers are Euclidian Distance between vectors the images.

Image 1 vs Image 2: CEDD: 4.2426 FCTH: 4.123 SURF: 1681.763 Tamura: 512.906 Haralick: 613.63

Image 1 vs Image 3: CEDD: 5.2426 FCTH: 3.123 SURF: 1281.763 Tamura: 812.906 Haralick: 413.63

What average I could use?

Simple Average? Weighted Average?