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Cannot find additional libraries in openCV 3.1.0

I followed the instructions on installing openCV for Windows x64 (no I did not build it, I downloaded the precompiled binary). The instructions however were for v 2.4.2 All of it was relevant but I got stuck at this page

where it talks about adding libraries to Linker ‣ General and under the “Additional Library Directories”.

I cannot find any of these:

opencv_calib3d249d.lib opencv_contrib249d.lib opencv_core249d.lib opencv_features2d249d.lib opencv_flann249d.lib opencv_gpu249d.lib opencv_highgui249d.lib opencv_imgproc249d.lib opencv_legacy249d.lib opencv_ml249d.lib opencv_nonfree249d.lib opencv_objdetect249d.lib opencv_ocl249d.lib opencv_photo249d.lib opencv_stitching249d.lib opencv_superres249d.lib opencv_ts249d.lib opencv_video249d.lib opencv_videostab249d.lib

The only two I find are opencv_world310.lib and the debug version. And I end up with linking errors at run time.