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opencv and pyramid


I want to implement pyramid class. I'm interesting particulary by riesz pyramid and steerable pyramid.

I have started like this :

class Pyramide {
    vector<Mat> pyr;
public :
    Pyramide(Pyramide &p, bool zero);
    vector<Mat> &get(){return pyr;};

    void push_back(Mat m){ pyr.push_back(m); };
    int size() { return pyr.size(); };
    void swap(Pyramide x)

    Mat & operator [](int i) {return pyr[i];}
    Pyramide& operator=(Pyramide x);

class PyramideGaussienne:public Pyramide {
public :
    PyramideGaussienne(Mat );


class PyramideLaplacienne:public Pyramide {
static Mat lowPassFilter;
static Mat highPassFilter;

    void InitFilters();

public :
    PyramideLaplacienne(vector<Mat> &);
    PyramideLaplacienne(Mat &); // construct Laplacian pyramid using
    Mat Collpase(Pyramide &gauss);
    Mat Collpase();
    vector<Mat> &get(){return pyr;};


class PyramideRiesz {

    Pyramide xPyr;
    Pyramide yPyr;

Is it a good way to start ? Is it possible to have a common class for all this pyramid?

Thanks for your comment