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Classification of Image

1st of all I am very new to OpenCV as well as computer programming so sorry for asking a very basic and easy question but, I was not able to figure out how to do this.I want to classify blood samples images and want to determine blood group of a person. In order to do it, I have 1 reference image and test image and I want to check whether the sample image is similar to that of a reference image. if the image is same it should give me value "1" or"True" otherwise, it should give me " 0" or "False". how can I do that I am doing it in c++ and visual studio? I tried searching and found it can be done using LBP but the code was in Python and I don't know Python at all so was not able to figure it out.!

Reference image:

.image description


test1.image description

test2.image description