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Need help including FaceRecognizer with Android via NDK

Hello, first time poster here so sorry if I break any formatting rules.

So I'm developing a facial recognition app on Android using OpenCV For Android. I'm perfectly fine with using NDK to include any essential native code, however, I'm having trouble deciphering the syntax to do so regarding FaceRecognizer. The tutorials on the documentation/API pages don't translate to NDK code and as I am incredibly unfamiliar with using NDK, I'm having trouble converting it myself.

If anybody could provide a quick example or head me in the right direction for using FaceRecognizer with Android, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks all, Jeff

Note: I am NOT using JavaCV, so while I know tutorials exist for including FaceRecognizer in Java, these do not apply. I am instead looking for a way to include FaceRecognizer in Android when the environment is set up using the OpenCV For Android tutorial.