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convertTo() and pixel-wise transformations with TBB


I'm new with opencv. I use it with Qt 5.5, Qt Creator 3.2, on a macbook pro with 4 cores. I compiled openCV with cmake with TBB enabled.

I was hoping to find a list of what are the pixel-wise transformation opencv functions that have an implicit use of TBB. By "implicit", I mean i would not require to change anything in the code. "Explicit" would mean using things like "tbb_thread" explicitly like here by splitting myself explicitly the image in pieces that each core would be fed on.

For example, I tried using convertTo() with a non-TBB openCV, and compared with TBB-enabled openCV (so, two different configuration and compilation with CMAKE) and in both cases just a single core is used, although getNumThread() gives "512". (although clearly the concept of "cores" and "threads" confuses me). For pixel-wise transformations I was hoping that openCV would automatically parallel the computation if TBB is enabled. But that example makes me think it's not the case. Is it?