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calculate blob angle

Hello there,

Is it possible to detect the blob angle ? I am currently working on a project to detect letters out of a picture. My letters are on a conveyor belt and a camera takes a picture. In this picture i use blob detection to search for my letter. Because the camera detects lots of other things and since i am only interested in the letter i can easy filter then with filterbyarea. So i get this result

image description

Now assume the letter on the conveyor belt is on an angle greater then 20 degrees. If i use the same program is impossible to detect the letter H. This comes because OCR can only detect letters with an angle of max 20 degrees.

image description

With Quaternion calculation i should be able to calculate this angle, but i can't find any information about this. Is this even possible ?

To make a long story short i want to search the angle X in order to use OCR. image description

All help is welcome Thanks in advance

Best Regards,