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AKAZE errors deallocate

I try to use AKAZE (below there is my code snippet) but I am getting an error. The error is related to some freeing memory with akaze (kaze, orb I got the same error).

        Mat img_bis = imread("./body/img_1_body_1.jpg");
        Mat model = imread("img_model_1.jpg");
        std::vector<KeyPoint> keypoints_model, keypoints_img;
        Mat descriptor_model, descriptor_img;
        Ptr<AKAZE> akaze = AKAZE::create();
        akaze->detectAndCompute(img_bis, noArray(), keypoints_img, descriptor_img);
        akaze->detectAndCompute(model, noArray(), keypoints_model, descriptor_model);

I used the microsoft visual studio debug session and it says that an invalid parameter has been used for a function and this error cannot be caught. My program works very well until the main returns I have this related memory error. I think my issue is close to this one but I did not see any answer that could help me.

Thank you.