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No DLLs are installed with the OpenCV Installer

I used the Windows OpenCV installer to install the latest version, and I cannot find any dlls installed after the installer extracts the files out to my directory. I read that all the major dlls', including the core libraries and calibration libraries are included in $OPENCV_DIR/build/x64/bin , but this directory only has a few files, and none of the ones mentioned in the tutorial.

Here is my file directory:

image description

As shown there, there are no dll's located in this directory. I have also looked at the corresponding vc11 and x86 directories, and they have the same set of files. I am sure I am not doing anything wrong, but I don't see where the dlls' are installed. Library files located in the staticlib folder, but those are not what I need. Am I missing a step when installing Opencv?