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Viz possible bug with WText

Hello, I want to display an actual camera position in Viz using WText (2d). It works when I have just a point cloud (WCloud) in the scene and the Text, but when I add any other Widget3D to the scene (e.g. grid, Text3d) this 2d text is not visible. The text is somehow shadowed by a Widget3d. I noticed that Text3D or WGrid works like some kind of limiter for the text (2d). Even a small grid (with a normal vector e.g. in Z direction) obscures Text (2d) if we move the camera in any direction but further than the distance between WGrid and point (0, 0, 0). If this distance is equal 10, the text disappears even at distance 3.1. In the first image there is a point cloud, grid, and coordinate origins. No zoom

In the second a zoomed view where the text is still visible. Zoomed

In the third the sceneis zoomed out a little but the text is not visible. Little zoom out

Is there any special way to work with Text (2d) to see it always on the screen or it is a bug?

I use opencv 3.0.0 (not beta) compiled with VisualStudio 2013 (amd64) with vtk 6.2