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opencv3 videoCapture doesn't work

I've a problem with openCV 3 java wrapper.

When i use videocapture, camera.grab() always return false. I see several subjects on internet about this problem. I succeeded to run opencv 2.4 but not with version 3.

My environnement :

  • windows 10 (64b)
  • java 8u51 (32b)
  • eclipse mars (32b)

So, I test these methods. Env :

  • Set windows path : D:\Programs\opencv3x\build\x86\vc12\bin
  • Add opencv_ffmpeg to D:\Programs\opencv3x\build\x86\vc12\bin (in opencv 3, this lib is already in with the good name : opencv_ffmpeg300.dll).

Dev env : In eclipse project :

  • add opencv-300.jar
  • set the native lib to D:/Programs/opencv3x/build/java/x86
  • With this configuration, I can use opencv 3 without problem...but i can't decode video file!

Does anyone have a solution on this? Thx.