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Add book link on OpenCV page


I'd like to know how to add a book information on OpenCV book pages:

My information would be the following: "OpenCV 3.0 Computer Vision with Java"

Here is a short description for the book:

What You Will Learn

Create powerful GUIs for computer vision applications with panels, scroll panes, radio buttons, sliders, windows, and mouse interaction using the popular Swing GUI widget toolkit Stretch, shrink, warp, and rotate images, as well as apply image transforms to find edges, lines, and circles, and even use Discrete Fourier Transforms (DFT) Detect foreground or background regions and work with depth images with a Kinect device Learn how to add computer vision capabilities to rock solid Java web applications allowing you to upload photos and create astonishing effects Track faces and apply mixed reality effects such as adding virtual hats to uploaded photos Filter noisy images, work with morphological operators, use flood fill, and threshold the important regions of an image Open and process video streams from webcams or video files

Thanks in advance, Daniel