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opencv 3.0 with contrib installation guide

Hi there,

I've tried a few different methods in order to install opencv 3.0 gold WITH the opencv_contrib modules (I would like to use the tracking ones in particular), none of which seem to work.

Can someone provide me a quick installation guide that he/she has successfully tested on a windows machine ?

What doesn't work for me : - using cmake to build opencv with contrib modules (mingw) and developing in codeblocks (weird atomic fetch error) - trying to use cmake to build visual studio 2015 libraries (building issue when opening cmake built projects)

Each time I build in cmake I seem to have to disable IPP, comment out a line in opencvcompikeroptions.cmake following various answers found here or on stack overflow.

Any ideas as to how to start from scratch ? I've tried same unsuccesfull methods on two machines running win7 and win10

Thanks !