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Use cv::saliency::ObjectnessBING

Hi all,

I am trying to use the cv::saliency::ObjectnessBING class to detect object in a frame, but I am not able to do it properly. There is an example of code here but with the BING algorithm, it does not display any result.

This is my code:

    String saliency_algorithm = "BING";
    String training_path = "../ObjectnessTrainedModel";
    vector<Vec4i> saliencyMap;

    Ptr<Saliency> saliencyAlgorithm = Saliency::create( saliency_algorithm );
    saliencyAlgorithm.dynamicCast<cv::saliency::ObjectnessBING>()->setTrainingPath( training_path );
    //saliencyAlgorithm.dynamicCast<cv::saliency::ObjectnessBING>()->setBBResDir( training_path + "/Results" );

if( saliencyAlgorithm->computeSaliency( image, saliencyMap ) )
       std::cout << "Objectness done" << std::endl;

        std::vector<float> values = saliencyAlgorithm.dynamicCast<cv::saliency::ObjectnessBING>()->getobjectnessValues();

for (int i = 0; i < saliencyMap.size(); ++i)
            cv::rectangle(image, Point (saliencyMap[i][0],saliencyMap[i][1]), Point(saliencyMap[i][2],saliencyMap[i][3]) , Scalar(255,0,0),1,8, 0);

 cv::namedWindow( "Saliency Map", WINDOW_AUTOSIZE );// Create a window for display.
 cv::imshow( "Saliency Map", image );                   // Show our image inside it.


So, saliencyMap is the vector containing all the rectangle, and my vector values contains the score of each reactangle. How can I use that information for drawing the result? I Tried to draw the rectangle with the highest score but the resutls made no sense. Have I to use some more options? There are more methods to use in the class but I don't understand what they are useful for, also reading the original paper of the algorithm.