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GoPro-like camera with live output over USB?

I'm looking for a fairly rugged webcam-like device to stream video to an OpenCV-using application for live video processing.

Compared to the typical USB webcam, a GoPro has a lot of the camera qualities I want - multi-megapixel resolution, high framerate, minimal motion blur, and a form factor that's designed to go places and get mounted to stuff and maybe get dirty. But the GoPro can't send live video over USB.

Are there other GoPro-like products out there that have this capability? Failing that, any suggestions for USB cameras that might work out?

The other major requirement is that the field of view needs to be adjusted down to about 10 degrees, so the wide FOV typical of most cameras is a problem.

Presently I'm using a cheap 2 MP generic China clone webcam with a cmount lens on it. It works, but its sturdiness doesn't inspire much confidence. I'd like to keep my cost under $500 or so, but I could be talked into spending more if there was a compelling product out there.

Thank you.