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Compare two images and highlight the difference

Hi - First I'm a total n00b so please be kind. I'd like to create a target shooting app that allows me to us the camera on my android device to see where I hit the target from shot to shot. The device will be stationary with very little to no movement. My thinking is that I'd access the camera and zoom as needed on the target. Once ready I'd hit a button that would start taking pictures every x seconds. Each picture would be compared to the previous one to see if there was a change - the change being I hit the target. If a change was detected the two imaged would be saved, the device would stop taking picture, the image with the change would be displayed on the device and the spot of change would be highlighted. When I was ready for the next shot, I would hit a button on the device and the process would start over. If I was done shooting, there would be a button to stop.

Any help in getting this project off the ground would be greatly appreciated.