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OpenCV 3.0 build with Python 3.4

I've spent much of today trying to build OpenCV 3.0 from source on windows. I followed the standard procedure with cmake and Visual Studio 2010 and had no errors with the build. However, when trying to import cv2 from python 3.4, I get the error: "DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be found."

There are many results for this same error online, but after hacking around I've still been unable to import cv2. My cv2.pyd file is in the Lib/site-packages directory and C:\opencv-3.0.0\build\install\x86\vc10\bin is in Window's PATH. I know python must not still be seeing the OpenCV DLLs, but I've also tried putting \bin in PYTHONPATH and that didn't help either.

There are several things that might be getting in the way of this working and I was hoping for some direction.

Extra details:

  • Python install I'm concerned with is WinPython 32bit 3.4
  • I also have WinPython 64bit 3.4 and a standard 64 bit python 2.7 install, but I'm not looking to support these with OpenCV
  • I also have an OpenCV 2.4.9 install
  • I have a Qt5 install and I built OpenCV with Qt support: could this interfere with PyQt4 which comes with WinPython?
  • Dependency Walker only reports missing dependencies of OPENCV_*.DLL and PYTHON34.DLL

Any recommendations for sorting this out?