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Brisk Implementation in iOS environment

Hey Experts,

I am trying to use openCV in an iOS environment and having troubles getting started.

When I try FAST implementation:

std::vector<cv::KeyPoint> keypoints;
FAST(image1, keypoints, 40);

It works. When I try various BRISK methods, nothing works out. I believe the issue is using C++ code in an Objective C++ environment? I have changed the module to ".mm" I am getting errors in Xcode like "Abstract Class, you're a moron" and "that's not right, you're still an idiot."

I think there is a fancy work around with regards to this, but for the life of me I can't seem to get it. Can anyone send me a snippet of code to instantiate a BRISK detector in Xcode? I think this is a straightforward issue, but for those with limited coding experienced, it is a crucial stumbling block.

Thank You