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What library opencv is using to handle tiff file and how?

Hi I got a problem on handling tiff image files. I built opencv 2.4.3 as shard libraries on a powerpc linux machine which have no tiff lib from operating system, and turned on 3rd party library (tiff, jpeg, etc.) when building it. But I can't read or write tiff files in opencv. I have two questions.

How does opencv 2.4.3 build its own 3rd party libraries, as a shared libraries .so files or static .a files? there is no option in cmake to control this. Where are these libraries after make, make install, I suppose they should be in opencv-install-prefix/share/, but they are not there. Actually they are not in opencv-install-prefix/ at all.

When I built opencv 2.4.3 on another computer with library from operating system. It works fine with tiff file but when I ldd to list all shared libraries used by my program I didn't see So is opencv actually calling libtiff? if not how does opencv handle tiff images?