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IR tracking of a person/animal/being up to 50m away

I would like to add markers (probably IR) on different parts of the body, for example chest, belly and hip and to be able to track the position of it in reference to either where it started or in reference to a staging baseline. I ideally want to create a 3d bread crumb trail of where the moving body went in roughly 0.5 sec increments and I also would like to have roughly a 1 cm or less precision on the 3d location of the markers so that I can observe contours, for example (in the chect, belly, hip example) whether someone is standing straight or bending etc.

I have no prior experience with this stuff and just want to see if this is conceptually possible using IR markers and a good camera coupled with some opencv code.

I have seen high precision head tracking demos but that's at close distance and I need up to 50m from camera. I guess the question really becomes whether the IR markers can still be detected in real time at that distance. Naively, I see no reason why not. And the geometry computations from the relative locations of the IR markers should not be any different at 50m than at 5-10 feet accept for precision do to the smaller perspective effect?

Sorry for the naive questions. I just have an interesting idea and want to figure out technical viability before I pretend I can do this :)

Thanks TJ