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feature tracking assertion fail error


I am trying to track feature using optical flow method. The features are corners extracted from fast as a gpu::GpuMat keypoints. The problem is that the call to "sparse" function fail with following error:

OpenCV Error: Assertion failed (prevPts.rows == 1 && prevPts.type() == CV_32FC2) in unknown function, file H:\opencv\modules\gpu\src\pyrlk.cpp, line 114 CV error occured : C:\opencv\modules\gpu\src\pyrlk.cpp:114: error: (-215) prevPt s.rows == 1 && prevPts.type() == CV_32FC2

I've checked that the previous keypoints that i am passing to it are non zero. Although i have two rows in gpu::GpuMat. Is that correct? Actually i tried the fast_GPU documentation but i couldn't understand "Location Row"/"Response Row". Even if i use only single row from it for passing to sparse, i still get the assertion. It is unclear how could i make the features points from fast to be compatible with optical flow function? Kindly help in this regard.

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