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Advices about finding pointing of a bottle with opencv

Hello everyone, I am relatively new in OpenCV (Already checked some tutorials and I am learning on some additional programs how it works) and I know some things, however I have an assignment to work with in opencv (spin the bottle game) which goes somehow a little out of the scope of what I know.

Based on the direction that a bottle (Yes, a common bottle like a beer bottle) points in a 2d plane (a photo of a bottle) I need to create an opencv method to draw a line where the bottle points at. I heard something about Houghlines and I am currently working on that, however if you have some advices or know about other Opencv library functions that I can use, then I would be very thankful to you.

Pd: I have already decomposed the image into its edges (in case this can help to give any idea)

image description