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Opencv VideoCapture tcp stream

I am a opencv noob.

I want to run an opencv project on arm processor. My current cross compilation of opencv is as follows

 DC1394 1.x:                  NO

 DC1394 2.x:                  NO

 FFMPEG:                      NO

   codec:                     NO

   format:                    NO

   util:                      NO

   swscale:                   NO

   gentoo-style:              YES

 GStreamer:                   NO

 OpenNI:                      NO

 OpenNI PrimeSensor Modules:  NO

 PvAPI:                       NO

 GigEVisionSDK:               NO

 UniCap:                      NO

 UniCap ucil:                 NO

 V4L/V4L2:                    YES/YES

 XIMEA:                       NO

 Xine:                        NO

Currently the projects runs without errors but is unable to capture videos.

What is the bare minimum I need to cross-compile opencv with to be able to capture tcp stream.