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Pattern Matching (specific question)

Hello and thanks always for your help.

I have asked a rather general question regarding pattern matching. This time I would ask something more specific. Let's suppose I have a camera that points to an area where objects of several patterns are put. I want to find objects of a specific shape but with no regard for the size of these objects or their orientation.

To do this I build an "artificial image" (meaning not something out of a camera) and use it as "model". Take a look at the following:

A "bullet" shape model

This "bullet shape" is the shape of the object I want to find. You can see I build it artificially from a rectangle and a semicircle, and that it can have any orientation.

So what I want to do is to , once I have this "model" find objects in my camera image that resemble this model but vary in size and orientation.

Any idea on how to do this? Any pointers, advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.