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Creation of images with warp/distortion due to natural effects on camera lens.

I am trying to take an image stream and make the images appear as though they have been taken from a relatively simple camera like a CCD camera. I have added some Gaussian and salt pepper noise to give it a 'normal' look.

My next step is to warp the images or distort them. In real time this could happen due to temperature changes and lens defects of the camera. My goal is to artificially recreate this. Note that the distortion would be extremely minimal but present nonetheless. Ideally, I would like the distortion to be per image in the stream and over the sequence of images as well.

So far I have tried using perspectiveTransform( ) and warpPerspective( ), but I cannot seem to get the right parameter adjustments. Can anyone help me with this? I have also thought of using the fish-eye but could only find OpenCV functions that 'undistort' or fix fish-eye image distortion and nothing that would add a fish eye distortion.

Any thoughts or ideas on other approaches I could take to solve this problem? Thank you.