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Face recognition with opencv 2.4.x accuracy

Hello, i try to implement this tutorial; it's a really great and clear tutorial.But i have really important problem.

I built database for training images.I have my pictures and my friend's pictures in it. Lets say my name=xxx Friends name=yyy When program finds my face,it generally says yyy.(I tried it with lots of people(i didnt add their pictures on db) and keep saying yyy) when i first tried the program,i added my pictures and brad pitts,adriana lima pictures.When webcam captures my face,it said my name.if webcam captures brad pitts face(picture from my phone),it said brad.It looked work but it really doesnt. I really need to make some program when it captures my face,it closes a program, if there is not my face,it opens a program. How can i do that? How can i get it more accurate.Is it because of my pictures?I use python code for "Aligning Face Images".My pictures features are offset_pct=(0.3,0.3), dest_sz=(250,250).Are not they good values? I have 10 pictures for each people. Please tell me the possible problems to recognize me. Also when i try to give threshold value(even the value is 0) it couldn't find anybody.I need to use threshold because the program should work only with my face,other faces shouldn't be allowed.

I really need for some answers,i'm trying on this for a long time.

my system: Win 8, VS2010 premium, Opencv 2.4.2,