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FeatureDetector for SURF


I was wondering if it is possible to specify the Hessian threshold for the surf detector in the FeatureDetector class

cv::Mat image;
//get the image
cv::Ptr<cv::FeatureDetector> surf_detector;
surf_detector = FeatureDetector::create("SURF");
// I would like to set the Hessian threshold to 400
vector<cv::KeyPoint> keypoints;
surf_detector->detect(image, keypoints);

Or Will I need to continue using the cv::SurfFeatureDetector class and initialize it with the proper value?

while this specifically asks about the SURF detector, I'd like to know if it is possible to pass parameters to the underlying detector class. AKA specify the hessian value for surf, set non-maximal suppression for fast detector, and so on.