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Using Common Language Runtime Support in Console Application


Hi,I am working on visual studio 12 (c++ win console app) and Opencv2.4.9,wrote a program for detecting contours (using findcontours) that worked fine, however as I changed the configuration of the Common Language Runtime Support to Common Language Runtime Support (/clr) (since I wanted to use the using namespace System::Diagnostics;) the findcotours function stop working and I keep getting this error: (Warning 9 warning LNK4099: PDB 'opencv_ts249d.pdb' was not found with 'opencv_ts249d.lib(opencv_ts_pch.obj)' or at 'C:\Users\VP\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\OccupnacyDetection\x64\Debug\opencv_ts249d.pdb'; linking object as if no debug info
C:\Users\VP\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\OccupnacyDetection\OccupnacyDetection\opencv_ts249d.lib(opencv_ts_pch.obj)

ur help is appreciated,