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Combining multiple webcam feeds to one large via stitching

What I want to do: In a large building (former factory building) I want to place several webcams in the ceiling pointing downwards. With enough webcams the entire length and width of the floor would be covered.

Each webcam covers a section of the floor beneath it. The floor section of neighboring webcams will overlap slightly.

Here is a sketch of what I mean. Note that I have only drawn 6 webcams (lazy me) and the floorplan is not of the actual building, but hopefully it still makes sense. Each square represent the area a webcam films:

image description

My questions:

  1. Is what I am trying to do the same (OpenCV-wise) as creating and stitching a panorama? I mean, with a panorama you take a picture, rotate on an axis, take a new picture. But with my example you take a picture, translate (move) along an axis, take a new picture.
  2. I am trying to understand the overall steps needed. Would the approach be: (1) Find features with SURF on all images. (2) Find matches on all images with BruteForceMatcher (3) Find homography with findHomography. (4) Find seams with seamsFinder (5) Blend images together to one large image.

I appreciate any help and comments! :)