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Help ! Opencv FaceRecognition can not predicte new face?

hi everyone: Opencv FaceRecognition have 2 phase:training and predicting,After training, In the first phase,we trained 2 persons s1 and s2, s1/1.pgm;0 s1/2.pgm;0 s1/3.pgm;0 s1/4.pgm;0 s2/1.pgm;1 s2/2.pgm;1 s2/3.pgm;1 s2/4.pgm;1 then in the seconde phase,if I predict s1/5.pgm(whichever belong to person s1),i can get the label 0 and it is correct. if I predict s3/5.pgm(which is a face of a new person),the predicting result may be 0 or 1 but no -1,and it is wrong!

I want to know when the I can get -1 by using predict method or how can I know the face belong to a new person?

Look foward to your soonest reply! Thanks!