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What are proper SVMParams to use for texture analysis?

I'm working on a face spoof detector using the research in the article called: "Face spoofing detection from single images using micro-texture analysis"

It's based on training an SVM using a uniform 59-bin LBP histogram of the face, with training database from I made a simpler implementation just using 3x3 neighborhood of the entire face, because other research shows that simpler analysis works better when used in conjunction with other classifiers, which I am doing.

The problem I have now is that the predictor is not working at all; it always return 1 (i.e., real face), even for fake photos from the training database itself!

My suspicion is maybe the SVMParams are not correct. What are the proper params in this implementation? This is what I have now:

svmParams.svm_type = cv::SVM::C_SVC;
svmParams.kernel_type = cv::SVM::RBF;