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Image recognition and graphic design

Hello, everyone!

I came across this site while doing research on image recognition and it looked like it might be what I was looking for but, unfortunately, I know very little about coding, in fact, I believe that computer programs run on magic and animal sacrifice so I understand very little of what I am reading on the site and was hoping that someone could give me a bit of advice.

I want to create full images that can be scanned with a smartphone that will then open a web address, basically like a QR code. To achieve this, I understand that I will need a program that is capable of recognizing unique features on the 2D image, compare that image to images in a database and here is where it gets fuzzy to me, but I believe that there is meta-data and other types of voodoo involved in the process.

All this I want to do to create an interesting portfolio that does not contain any ugly QR codes. Is it even possible? And if it is, how? Thank you in advance!