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xfeatures2d does not compile (3.0)


I just realized SIFT was moved to xfeatures2d in opencv_contrib. I want to have the feature, so I am trying to compile the new module. However, It is disabled (see below). What dependency is Cmake referring to? (Im using Ubuntu 14.04. BTW, Cmake doesnt seem to find Qt, but this is a minor problem).

-- OpenCV modules:

-- To be built: core imgproc imgcodecs videoio highgui xobjdetect adas video bgsegm bioinspired flann features2d calib3d face ml objdetect photo java optflow reg rgbd shape stitching superres text tracking ts videostab viz ximgproc xphoto

-- Disabled: world

-- Disabled by dependency: xfeatures2d

-- Unavailable: androidcamera cuda cudaarithm