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Face Authentication

My project is Face Authentication.

System Description: My input is only one image (which was taken when the user logins for the first time) and using that image system should authenticate whenever the user logins to the application. The authentication images may differ from the first input image like -- different illumination conditions, different distance from camera and -10 to 10 degrees variation in pose. The camera used is same (ex: ipad) for all cases.

1) Authentication images are stored each time the user logins. How to make use of these images to enhance the accuracy of the system??

2) When a new image comes, I need to select the closest image(s) (and not all stored images) from the image repository and use for authenticate to reduce the time. How to label an image based on illumination/distance from camera automatically??

3) How should I make my system to perform decently for changes in illumination and distance from camera??

Please, can anyone suggest me good alogirthm/papers/opensource-codes for my above questions??

Though it sounds like a research project, I would be extremely grateful if I get any response from someone.