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imread() vs LoadImage() in Python


I am a new user to Python with OpenCV (1 week old). When I search for code for some specific function, but many of them does NOT work for me. For example, I found a command to load image, I found many example with imread() command, but, my Python only work with LoadImage(). It is really confuse me because it happen on other command too. If I wish to use imread() in Python, how can I make it work?

Is that version problem? What could be wrong with my setup? I appreciate it if anyone can help me. Thanks.


Python: 2.7.3, OpenCV: 2.4.3, numpy: 1.6.2, OS: MS-Windows 7

Below two command are fro Python:

Python: cv2.imread(filename[, flags]) → retval

Python: cv.LoadImage(filename, iscolor=CV_LOAD_IMAGE_COLOR) → None

Found from: