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Something funky in the drawing functions? 2.4.8 VS2012

I am wondering if other folks are experiencing something funky in the drawing functions in 2.4.8 using VS2012 c++/cli.

Previously, in 2.4.6, I was using the line function in spots with no problems. Then, I switched to 2.4.8, and the exact same line function started crashing for no apparent reason. I never figured it out.

Now, I am trying to use drawcontours and, depending on the line width, the code crashes.

The following line works.

for(unsigned int i = 0; i < ContoursList.size(); i++ )
    drawContours( AnalysisFrame, ContoursList , i, color, CV_FILLED, 8);

However, if I replace CV_FILLED with an integer like 1 or 2 (for a line width), it crashes. Thus,

 drawContours( AnalysisFrame, ContoursList , i, color, 2, 8);


Anyone else experiencing these problems with the drawing functions?

Thanks for any help.