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How to calculate the distance from the camera origin to any of the corners? (square chessboard calibration)


I am kind of new to OpenCV and I was trying out the tutorials in the OpenCV tutorial sections - by the way really good tutorials, thx for the authors.

The reason I started to trying out the tutorials, so I can get a little familiar with OpenCV. I have a project going on with a humanoid robot where I want to use OpenCV and try out some cool things.

I already calibrated the robots camera thx to the OpenCV tutorials. I read both the calibration tutorials to get as much info about it as I can. At the end of this one there is a question (the same question what my topic has).

Is there an answer to it somewhere, or is there somebody who could answer it?

I would really appreciate it, because than I could use the chessboard for calibrating, image detecting, and for distance measurements!

I realize I can't do everything with a help of a chessboard, but for starter, and as a beginner it would help me a lot!

Parameters I have:

  • The robots camera resolution
  • The size of the chessboard (including the distance between the squares)
  • The robots height