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Adaptation of OpenCV stitcher

I'm working on a project where an image stitcher is required. The camera is fixed (no rotation and no translation), and the object is translating on a plane about 60-70 mm below the camera. The image plane is not quite parallel to the object plane. I know the exact translation between successive images in the object plane. I've successfully calibrated the camera using OpenCV:s calibrateCamera.

Now I would like to adapt the stitching library to fit my application. One idea is to bypass the feature matching etc and go straight to the composePanorama-function (as I know the translation). Of course this means I would have to add methods to access the various members such as the camera data structure. It seems the PlaneWarper takes both a rotation matrix and a translation vector, so perhaps that could be used.

Any ideas about this approach? Is there a better approach?