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Help with haar training


I have some trouble with the opencv_haartraining.exe. It hangs after a certin num of steps. I cant seem to get it to work properly. This is my params:

-data GT01 -vec G01_442_2424.vec -bg negfile.txt -npos 10 -nneg 26 -nstages 15 -nsplits 2 -nonsym -minhitrate 0.97 -maxfalsealarm 0.5 -mem 1024 -mode ALL -w 48 -h 11 PAUSE

Can someone give me hints what might be the reason it hangs?

Im trying to make the classifier find licens plates. I read on the govermental site that handels plates that a regular plate is 480x110 mm. So i figured that the ratio of the params -w and -h should be same. Is this correct?

I dont have much images, positive or negative. This is a test run. I will go out and film on the road when i drive to get more samples. Then both negative and positive images will be "roadlike".

Any ideas?

Tnx :)