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quickly saving Images

Hi there, probably an old question, but I didn't find a good solution yet.

I am using a GigE Camera streaming at 20 FPS. I do some line detection with Canny Edge and Hough lines. Besides this I want to store the Images from the camera. I also save some data like timestamp and GPS Position of the Camera which are also saved with the pictures.

The point is, if I save every Image, the framerate goes down to 8 FPS or even less. Using JPEGS seems to be the quickest possibility to save the Images. Is there another way the save Images as Video quickly.

Later on I want to replay the Images/ Video and stream their data to a program. Using the OpenCV Videowriter function only accepts non variable framerates.

So is there I possibility to write Images real quick with variable framerates. I could also use the timestamp for replay purposes.

Any other suggestions / experiences MAik