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Intelperc_capture.cpp example falls in infinite loop


I downloaded the recent opencv library (version 2.4.8), which integrated with Intel Perceptual SDK and new depth sensors support for Windows. I followed all the process described in the document (opencv_user.pdf: Using Creative Senz3D and other Intel Perceptual Computing SDK compatible depth sensors). However, it falls into infinite loop when it pass the capture.grab() function. (example code > intelperc_capture.cpp > Ln 369).

When I track the line in Debug mode, I found that the code falls in infinite loop after passing Synchronize(void) function (pxcscheduler.h > Ln 44). I don't know what is the problem in my side. Would you fix it?

My development environment is as follows: OS: Windows 7 (64bit) IDE: MSVS 2010 C++ (Win32) OpenCV 2.4.8