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Consistently failing to compile openCV with RPi 3B+

I'm attempting to compile and install openCV on my Rasberry Pi 3B+ - I need to make use of the SIFT and SURF utilities in the contrib package, and they dont come with the standard pip3 install.

Starting from a fresh install of Buster on the RPi, I've followed upwards of 10-15 online tutorials on how to do this, and they all fail at the Make stage. There is a litany of complaints from the make -j4 (or make -j1, whatever) command, far, far too many to post here, but I cant get past 50% completion.

It's probably worth noting that I can operate openCV just fine with python3, using pip3 install, but I cant use SIFT with the pip3 install of the opencv-contrib-python package.

Recently I've attempted to follow the proceedures at the blogs below:

Even along with

Every single one of these has failed at the make stage.

I know this is a very general question, since I've not really provided very many details on the errors - there's just too many. But can anyone direct me to a blog, or some instructions or something that they KNOW works on a fresh OS install on a Raspberry pi 3B+?

I can upload some make logs, etc. for more information, but honestly, this is out of hand for me right now.