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Windows 10 FFMPEG wrapper build instruction/project

Does anything exist which describes this? The readme.txt in 3rdparty/ffmpeg says:

"* On Windows OpenCV uses pre-built ffmpeg binaries, built with proper flags (without GPL components) and wrapped with simple, stable OpenCV-compatible API. The binaries are opencv_videoio_ffmpeg.dll (version for 32-bit Windows) and opencv_videoio_ffmpeg_64.dll (version for 64-bit Windows)."

Has this build process been shared? If not, why? I've attempted to use various instructions found on the internet but they all involve using msys/g++. When I do this, I get weird compatibility errors relating to mixing binaries compiled with different compilers(g++/gcc/cl). I have ffmpeg rebuilt with CUDA support using msvc and it runs fine. I can also build OpenCV using the provided solution files and it also runs fine. But the wrapper in between seems to be this pothole that's been ignored. While I'm currently using 4.2.0, I've seen posts from earlier this year that 4.3.0 is still missing this information.

Windows 10/Server 2016 OpenCV 4.2.0 FFMPEG N-99601-g33624f4f2e