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NC_ERROR on OpenVino2020.2 with NCS2


I am currently using in production a NCS2 with openCV provided in the OpenVino 2020.2 package.

The solution uses the NCS2 with an SSD Mobilenetv2 network. If I run only my software in the PC, the performance is great (90ms per inference), however, when my software is running in parallel with other programs that consume high amount of the CPU (80-90%) the inference times of the network become very unstable and slow, with ranges from 100ms to 1500ms, even sometimes when the CPU load is really high, the inference breaks giving the exception : "Failed to queue inference: NC_ERROR". The Computer I use has a Intel Atom E3845 CPU and uses Windows 10. So, has CPU usage a big impact in the inference of models in the NCS2, actings as a bottleneck? Is there any way to avoid inference exception (which causes my program to break)?

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