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Rectified Images Show unwanted results, OpenCV with Stereo Vision

I am having trouble when trying to create depth map using OpenCV on Python. The problem is that the rectified images appears to be wrapped, or distorted. Here is the code.

Long story short, the code performs a series of program begin with:

Reading image file captured from two cameras Calibrate each cameras separately Using instrict matrices and distortion values to be parameters when i call StereoCalibrate() The images folders I used contains 68 different images for each camera (136 in total). The results from calibrateCamera() are 0.77 and 0.94 for each cameras.

The retVal I collected from StereoCalibrate() was huge, 39.0. So I guessed there is problem in the codes.

The images of camera frame captured before and after rectification are shown here: original image rectified image Original Rectified Image

Now, I truly frustrated as I don't know what I have done wrong? I also tried to search this problem in Google but it's seem that the solution is to calibrate cameras more to get better instrict matrices and distortions values. Personally, I don't believe this is the core issues and think that I did choose wrong parameters for method instead. What do you think? Please gives me some advices ... ~