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Using opencv to capture feet and look at hex color of feet

Hello All.

I was hoping someone here could lead to the right direction of what OpenCV projects to include for an app I'm making in Android Studio. I'm just overwhelmed by the number of applications you can use this with and what you have to do to set them up that I don't know where to start.

The basic idea is to find out what type of Hobbit you are by the color of your foot (i.e. pale white to tar black) which would lead to a certain page opening within the app saying you're Hobbit A, B or C.

What I would like it to do first is take a picture of a foot and determine it is actually a foot using some sort of detection to make certain nobody is taking a picture of their elbow or hand by mistake. Next it would analyze the skin color of the foot to determine what type of hobbit they are. (I was thinking of something along the lines of hex color)

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day. Stay safe everyone.