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OpenCV 4.2 captures empty frame from TC358743 on RPi 3B+

Hi All,

I've compiled OpenCV 4.2 on an RPi 3B+ and the samples seem to compile and work too, that is except ones that use video io. I have a TC358743 chipset on the MIPI CSI bus and it works fine with v4l2 and mmal capturing. I need to use OpenCV though and whenever I try the videocapture_basic.cpp and videocapture_camera.cpp samples they only return with "ERROR: Can't grab camera frame." or "ERROR: blank frame grabbed". What is going on here? The TC358743 v4l2 driver is loaded and works, I can see the caps of the device and dmesg returns the correct video resolution. In fact videocapture_camera.cpp returns the correct resolution after opening the device and then fails.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!!

Kind Regards, Dan