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Linux CMake installation - hpp include files are sparsed in different directories

System is Ubuntu 19.10, library compiled via CMake 3.13.4. OpenCV version is 4.2.0. Trying to create projects in C++, using VSCode.

I have repeated the installation instructions some six times, including compiling the full library with CMake. And can't still figure out what is wrong:

I would assume that the only #include needed is #include <opencv2 opencv.hpp="">

This file "ended up" being at /home/myusername/projects/opencv420/include/opencv2. My project's includePath directory is hence: /home/myusername/projects/opencv420/include

However, opencv.hpp it is the only .hpp in that folder. Hence, the intellisense immediately flags an error saying it has not found opencv2/opencv_modules.hpp - which is in a separate folder. That would be "solved" by adding another directory to the includePath: /home/nomadlog-laser/projects/opencv420/build

Doing that, intelliSense immediately flags the lack of opencv2/core.hpp. Once again I can force a solution and add one more directory to includePath - only to miss now calib3d.hpp... And so on...

What am I doing wrong, that I can't get all the .hpp files in the same folder?