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How does opencv with cuda work?


I am new on using OpenCV with Cuda and I still do not know how it works.

I am using a Jetson Nano and I did several tests with 1-2 images where I could see that the cv::cuda was performing 2-3 times slower than the CPU version. I am running FullHD images and the functions I am using are createGoodFeaturesToTrackDetector and SparsePyrLKOpticalFlow.

Will the performance improve when using more than 1-2 images, so a FullHD video? Should I measure the time of every call to these functions or the overall after finishing the video?

Is the performance of the OpenCV functions decreased if there is a code using the output of these functions running on the CPU?

Is there any page where I can check for more examples?

Thank you very much in advance.